Today's poem is "Release the Sterile Moths"

from The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

D.A. Powell's most recent collection, Chronic (Graywolf, 2009), received the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Prize. His poems appear in The New Republic, Yale Review, Court Green, and American Poetry Review. With T.J. DiFrancesco, he co-edits the journal Lo-Ball.

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Books by D.A. Powell:

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Eleven poems
"Tarnished Angel"
"Abandonment Under the Walnut Tree"
Five poems
Two poems
"[I was a priapic boy: the prow of a galleon]"
Two poems
"[listen mother, he punched the air: I am not your son dying]"
"[because as lives are aching I am lucky: a poisonal cup]"

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D. A. Powell according to Wikipedia.

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