Today's poem is "Postcard Home"
from Knock Knock

Carnegie Mellon University Press

Heather Hartley is Paris Editor for Tin House magazine and her poems have appeared in many publications including Post Road, Mississippi Review, Drunken Boat and Pool. Her writing has also appeared in The World Within: Writers Talk Ambition, Angst, Anarchy . . . , Food & Booze: A Tin House Literary Feast and elsewhere. She’s a co-director of the Shakespeare & Company Bookshop Literary Festival. She lives in Paris.

Books by Heather Hartley:

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Two poems

Heather Hartley's Website.

About Knock Knock :

"Heather Hartley steps forth boldly and beautifully through this first published volume of her poems. Her tread is light but sure and elegant. She knows where she comes from and is tracing by writing several destinations. The road consists of the making of self through the well-crafted stories of multiple empathies and the discipline of poetry. She reminds us that poetry can be all- encompassing when the public is a private sorrow or joy, but also transformative when the words gather to become shape and sound."
—Breyten Breytenbach

"Heather Hartley writes the kind of poetry many of us are starved for, a poetry without borders, passionate about what we savor the most on our tongues— languages, foods, lovers. Hartley’s debut collection is nothing short of a Knock Knock knockout."
—Jeffrey Greene

"Heather Hartley’s first book of poems breathes new life into language at every turn. These poems are so sly and sweet, so smart and sexy—from the poet’s bemused observation of a man on the subway holding a toilet seat, to her commemoration of the haunting suicide of four sisters “in India ink.” In her linguistic playfulness, she’s lithe and muscular as a gymnast. All the angels may be out to lunch, as she says, but all the flags in her heart are flying."
—Cecilia Woloch

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