Today's poem is "Waking"


Mia Nussbaumís writing has appeared recently in or is forthcoming from Greatcoat, the Iowa Review, the Beloit Poetry Journal, Verse Daily, No Tell Motel, the National Poetry Review, the New Orleans Review, Redivider and Sage.

Other poems by Mia Nussbaum in Verse Daily:
September 13, 2007:   "The Chapter of the Rending in Sunder" " And then I began my habit..."

Other poems on the web by Mia Nussbaum:
Three poems
"Saw This & Marked It"
"Now it Begins"
"This Picture Was Born When A. Wyeth Climbed Out on the Weathered Roof of Henry Teelís House"
"[The Chapter of the Ant]"


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