Today's poem is "Homo Erectus Recalls the Better Days of Man"
from Fair Creatures of an Hour

Loonfeather Press

Lynn Levin is the author of three collections of poems, Fair Creatures of an Hour (2009), Imaginarium (2005), and A Few Questions about Paradise (2000). Imaginarium was a finalist for Fore Word Magazine's 2005 Book of the Year Award. Her poems have appeared in Ploughshares, Boulevard, 5 AM, Cimarron Review, on Garrison Keillor's show, The Writer's Almanac, Verse Daily, and many other places. In addition to being a poet, Lynn Levin is a literary translator. She teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and at Drexel University, where she is also the executive producer of the TV show The Drexel Inter View.

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December 8, 2007:   "To the Future" "Fountain of the forward notion...."

Books by Lynn Levin:

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About Fair Creatures of an Hour:

"Sharply drawn, rueful, candid-these poems are a charm against solemnity and pretension: serious and playful by turns or at once, with a bright flare for comedy, a care for the sorrows of our kind, and a wariness of great expectations. Marked by a deep affection for our ephemeral and fretful selves, Fair Creatures of an Hour disarms and delights with its piquant, edgy, penetrating portraits of us all."
—Eleanor Wilner

"Writing with wit, elegance, and occasional bursts of high-velocity surrealism, Lynn Levin brings poetry to bear on the realities of a contemporary world grown increasingly unreal. The gem of this fine collection is “Little Red Telegram,” about the legendary race horse Smarty Jones, a longish poem that, like the other superb work here, makes a strong case for the unfashionable notion that smart poetry can also be wonderfully entertaining. Five stars for Fair Creatures of an Hour."
—B. H. Fairchild

"Lynn Levin's poems are funny and wry reflections on, and of, the human condition. In this winning collection, Life wrestles with Mortality; but it is we, the readers, who come out on top."
—Charles Harper Webb

"So much excitement, such a rush of vitality! These are scintillating, hilarious, wistful poems. Ike at the photo counter, Betty-Jo with a secret admirer, a cast of characters we meet through their horoscopes and know instantly, intimately. "The White Puzzle" two fond siblings long ago worked is "a gathering page," "moonlight on the floor," embodiment of absence, nostalgia, the enchantment of emptiness. Lynn Levin should have a patent on the language she invents. With the quick, deft strokes of a social critic, she shows us an America Keats would have felt at home in, that we can believe Frost and even Cole Porter came out of."
—Elaine Terranova

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