Today's poem is "Ontology and the Platypus"

from Colorado Review

Kathy Fagan is the author of three collections, most recently The Charm (Zoo, 2002). She teaches in the MFA program at The Ohio State University, where she edits The Journal. Work from her forthcoming book, LIP, out this spring, has appeared in Slate, Field, Pool, the Kenyon Review, and the Laurel Review.

Other poems by Kathy Fagan in Verse Daily:
January 7, 2004:  "Pontoon Pantoum #505" "I cannot fly like bridges..."

Books by Kathy Fagan:
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Other poems on the web by Kathy Fagan:
"'There's just one little thing: a ring. I don't mean on the phone.'—Eartha Kitt"
"Saloon Pantoum"
Four poems
Three poems

About Colorado Review:

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