Today's poem is "The Crinolines"

from Gargoyle

Judith Skillman's most recent book is Heat Lightning, New and Selected Poems 1986-206 (Silverfish Review Press). The Carnival of All or Nothing is forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press in March 2009. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Field, The Southern Review, JAMA, The Iowa Review, The Midwest Quarterly, and numerous other journals and anthologies. She has been a frequent Writer in Residence at Centrum.

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May 6, 2004:  "Lattice," "The Arbor" and "The Espalier" "By its milky light the sun left to grow..."
October 16, 2002:  "Lilacs" "Because they signify a life / less sterile, I twist their stems..."

Books by Judith Skillman:

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Judith Skillman's Website.

Judith Skillman according to Wikipedia.

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