Today's poem is "City Beach"

from Poetry London

Dora Malech's poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, and The Yale Anthology of Younger American Poetry. Waywiser Press will publish her first collection, Shore Ordered Ocean, autumn 2009.

All the poems by Dora Malech that have appeared on Verse Daily:
June 7, 2008:   "Oh Grow Up" "First thing's first aid and off-track..."
March 22, 2005:  "Small Ending" ""Each bird a yard bird..."

Books by Dora Malech:

Other poems on the web by Dora Malech:
"Forever Hold Your Peace, Speak Now Or"
"Note To So Sorry For Self"
"Go, Touch And"
"Pop Quiz"
Two poems
"Here Name Your"
"Where Babies Come From"
"Face for Radio"
Two poems
"Fiddler's Money"
"Hush Money"
"Inventing the Body"
"How It Will Happen, When"

About Poetry London:

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Poetry Editor: Colette Bryce

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November 22, 2008:   "Daphne" by Emma Jones
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December 27, 2006:   "Medium as Meteorologist" by Heather McHugh
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