Today's poem is "Palsy"

from Tar River Poetry

Bob Hicok's most recent book is This Clumsy Living(University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007).

All the poems by Bob Hicok that have appeared on Verse Daily:
July 2, 2008:   "In a time of biblical references" "I've fallen behind. I have in fact..."
May 15, 2008:   "A wedding night" "A groom goes out with a pillow to where the sheep..."
December 20, 2007:   "A confluence of processes" "It was a kind of battery, the Earth..."
November 6, 2007:   "A celebration of lasting achievment" " The man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died...."
June 19, 2006:   "Love of Sport" " In the woods, place of tall and green, place of losing..."
June 15, 2006:   "Fall" " Trees and the white room filling with the resistance..."
March 21, 2006:   "Weather Report" " Cats are new to me is why I call them..."
June 21, 2005:  "The Personal Touch" "I have fifteen cloud stamps, it says on the back..."
November 25, 2004:  "Founder's day" "I introduced John Adams to the Pacific..."
March 8, 2004:  "Building a painting a home" "If I built a barn I'd build it right into the sky..."
February 17, 2004:  "Truth About Love" "I apologize for not being Gandhi or Tom..."
February 16, 2004:  "Shopping at the ocean" "Trying to save the bug she killed the bug..."
December 24, 2002:  "By their works" "Who cleaned up the Last Supper?..."
August 29, 2002:  "Sorting the Entanglements" "In my will the basement goes to the spiders...."
July 14, 2002:  "Whither Thou Goest" "Fish can have mad cow disease and I have a problem / with that...."

Books by Bob Hicok: This Clumsy Living, Insomnia Diary, Animal Soul, Plus Shipping, The Legend of Light

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Bob Hicok according to Wikipedia.

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March 29, 2007:   "Animal Funerals, 1964" by Claudia Emerson
March 27, 2007:   "Dream Fox" by Jack Roberts
May 14, 2006:   "Geese, Landing" by Michael David Madonick
May 11, 2006:   "Waiting" by Brad Davis
February 4, 2006:   "The Future Perfect" by Damian Fallon
December 23, 2004:  "You Are Worth Many Sparrows" by Philip Memmer
January 29, 2004:  "The Ex" by Gray Jacobik
January 28, 2004:  "The English Language" by Sherry Olson
January 27, 2004:  "Pastoral" by Kimberly Meyer
January 26, 2004:  "Making the Cradle" by Wilmer Mills

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