Today's poem is "Trajectory"

from Harvard Review

Laurie Blauner's most recent poetry book is All This Could Be Yours (WordTech Communications, 2006) and her sixth, Wrong, is forthcoming. Her second novel is Infinite Kindness (Black Heron Press, 2007).

All the poems by Laurie Blauner that have appeared on Verse Daily:
January 14, 2007:   "Laurie Blauner Running With Daisy, His Dog" " Running with his dog, Laurie Blauner sucks in..."

Books by Laurie Blauner: Infinite Kindness, All This Could Be Yours, Somebody, Facing the Facts, Self-Portrait With an Unwilling Landscape, Other Lives, Children of Gravity

Other poems on the web by Laurie Blauner:
"Prelude to Lying About My Ex-Husband"
Five poems

Laurie Blauner's Home Page.

About Harvard Review:

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Poetry Editor: Major Jackson

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