Today's poem is "Eternia"
from Superfecta

Ghost Road Press

Clay Matthews’s other collections are Sustenance (1998 Colorado Book Award Finalist) and No Accident (winner of the 2006 Nebraska Book Award and the Balcones Poetry Prize). He lives in southern Colorado.

All the poems by Clay Matthews that have appeared on Verse Daily:
March 22, 2006:   "Poem For The Twenty-First Century Gatekeeper" " Thirty days in the hole and when my body proceeded..."
August 26, 2007:   "Take One" " I was west of home but still east of everything..."

Books by Clay Matthews: Superfecta

Other poems on the web by Clay Matthews:
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"Ode on a Lower-Midwestern Storm System"
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"Charred Face of the Gone"

Clay Matthews's Home Page.

About Superfecta:

"Clay Matthews’ big-hearted poems swell with a flash-bang intellect that serves heaping portions of humor, trouble and love. These poems are fantastic. Dexterous in a range that includes everything from Galileo to The Allman Brothers, this debut collection puzzles and laughs wildly—singing full-throated through the latitudes of our lives. It is a French silk pie filled with rusty nails. Matthews is here to tell us that this truckstop reliquary is beautiful and more than enough. Superfecta sizzles and glows."
—Alex Lemon

"If you like poetry, you must read this book by a young writer of exceptional talent. Clay's poems are well-crafted, incisive and worthy of your attention. They make me look forward to his future books with great anticipation."

"In Superfecta, Clay Matthews shows us that a good bet is not just fortune but a sense for the soul of the fast track. These poems set a sure pace of casual confidence of voice and humor, with a gift for detail as genuine as a road trip to Tunica and a forty-dollar room at the Best Western. This book is infused from beginning to end with the gambler’s joy in starting over, or, as Matthews puts it, with his characteristic sweet wryness that overlooks nothing and appreciates everything, 'on some mornings/we are geniuses each time we learn to pedal and remain/upright.'"
—Lisa Lewis

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