Today's poem is "The Emperor's Wife"
from Wrong

Cherry Grove Collections

Laurie Blauner is the author of five previous books of poetry. Her first three were published by Owl Creek Press and her fourth by Orchises Press. Her most recent book, All This Could Be Yours, was published by Cherry Grove Collections in 2006. Her poetry has appeared in American Poetry Review, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Georgia Review, The Nation, The New Republic, and Field among many other magazines. She has received several Seattle Arts Commission, King County, and 4Culture grants as well as an NEA grant in poetry. She is also the author of two novels, both published by Black Heron Press. Her most recent novel is Infinite Kindness, which was published in 2007. She has received an Artist Trust grant in fiction and her short stories have appeared in the Wisconsin Review, Mississippi Review, and Talking River Review among others. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

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January 14, 2007:   "Laurie Blauner Running With Daisy, His Dog" " Running with his dog, Laurie Blauner sucks in..."

Books by Laurie Blauner: Wrong, Infinite Kindness, All This Could Be Yours, Somebody, Facing the Facts, Self-Portrait With an Unwilling Landscape, Other Lives, Children of Gravity

Other poems on the web by Laurie Blauner:
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"Prelude to Lying About My Ex-Husband"
Five poems

Laurie Blauner's Website.

About Wrong:

"While many poets have chronicled devastating loss, Laurie Blauner’s newest collection may risk more in confronting grief’s most ubiquitous form—a sudden awakening to the decay of love. Too often, love is throwing ‘an impossible kite into the perfect sky’; it’s ‘trying to pass these plates off as real china.’ After the crash of the breakage we’re all left wondering what went wrong. Honest and emotive, Blauner draws on a deft sense of image and juxtaposition to examine each jagged shard, to trace each crack back to its unsettling source. This familiar experience brings with it new lessons in human fragility and perseverance. Wrong is a collection with heart—being put back together."
—Timothy Green

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