Today's poem is "Baseball"
from Still

Seven Kitchens Press

Deborah Burnhamhas lived in Philadelphia for about thirty years. She works as a lecturer in English and writing at the University of Pennsylvania. For many years, she taught poetry and chaired the Writing department at the Pennsylvania Governorís School for the Arts. Her book, Anna and the Steel Mill, won the first book prize from Texas Tech University Press. Her new manuscript, Simplified to Blue, is in circulation. She lives in an old neighborhood in Philadelphia where she has developed several gardens.

All the poems by Deborah Burnham that have appeared on Verse Daily:
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January 14, 2007:   "Deborah Burnham Running With Daisy, His Dog" " Running with his dog, Deborah Burnham sucks in..."

Books by Deborah Burnham: Anna and the Steel Mill

Other poems on the web by Deborah Burnham:
Three poems

About Still:

"This collection brims with finely phrased appreciation of the romantic and the erotic, as well as displaying remarkably fresh figurative language and sensuous imagery."
—Jeff Mann

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