Today's poem is "Morning Edition"

from The Literary Review

Andrzej Sosnowski, born in Warsaw in 1959, lectures on American literature at Warsaw University and is an editor at Literatura na Swiecie. He received the Illakowiczowna Prize for best first collection in 1992, the prestigious Koscielski Prize in 1997, the Odra Prize in 1998, and most recently the Silesius Prize for his latest book, Po teczy [Over the Rainbow], (2007). His other books include: Zycie na Korei [Life in Korea] (1992), Nouvelles Impressions d'Amerigue (1994), Sezon na Helu [A Season in Hell] (1994), Stancje [Lodgings] (1997), Konwoj. Opera [Convoy. An Opera] (1999), Zoom (2000), Taxi (2003), Gdzie koniec teczy nie dotyka, ziemi [Where the End of the Rainbow Does Not Touch the Ground] (2005), and the essay collection Najryzykowniej [Riskiest] (2007). His translations include selected Cantos by Ezra Pound, selected poems by John Ashbery, Ronald Firbank's The Flower Beneath the Foot, and Jane Bowles's Two Serious Ladies.

Benjamin Paloff is a poetry editor for Boston Review and assistant professor of Slavic and comparative literatures at the University of Michigan. His translations from Polish include Dorota Maslowska's Snow White a: Russian Red and Marek Bienczyk's Tworki. His own poems ha appeared in The New Republic, The Paris Review, A Public Space, a elsewhere.

Books by Andrzej Sosnowski: For Books by Andrzej Sosnowski click here.

Other poems on the web by Andrzej Sosnowski:
Two poems

About The Literary Review:
Writers in this issue: Richard Becker; Steve Davenport; Ngo Tu Lap Translated by Martha Collins; Mary Rose O’Reilley; Augusto Rodríguez Translated by Alexis Levitin; Shya Scanlon; J.P. Seaton and other translators of Chinese poetry; Andrzej Sosnowski; Benjamin Paloff; Ilan Stavans Wyatt; Renée Ashley; Madeleine Beckman; Walter Cummins; Jena Salon

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Editor-in-Chief: Rene Steinke

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