Today's poem is "Epiphany"

from Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

Jessi Lee has poetry published/forthcoming in After Hours, Spoon River Poetry Review, and Another Chicago Magazine. She has recently stopped wetting the bed and decided to get an MFA.

About Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal:
Poets in this issue: Lane Adamson, Magdalena Alagna, John Thomas Allen, Robyn Alter, David Blaine, Jennifer Pruden Colligan, Chris Crittenden, Elizabeth Crouse, Penny Dyer, Emily East, Amber Flaiz, Jason Fraley, Liz Gallagher, Peter Grieco, Anne Heide, Brandi Homan, David Hurst, Jason Kahler, George Kalamaras, Kit Kennedy, Ted Lardner, Jessi Lee, Christa Mastrangelo, Renee Miller, Shabnam Nadiya, Jane Ormerod, Janet Parkinson, Elizabeth Pavlov, Nathaniel S. Rounds, Luke C Schlueter, Amy Seigel, Regina Smith, David Thornbrugh, Andy Trebing, Jess Wigent, Gary Charles Wilkens, Jack Zall

Subscription: 1 issue, $10
Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal * 1830 W 18th St * Chicago, IL 60608
Editor: Susan Yount

All the poems from the pages of Arsenic Lobster that have appeared on Verse Daily:
July 21, 2006:   "Me and G-d at the sidewalk cafe" by Sari Krosinsky

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