Today's poem is "Blue Sky"
from Spill

Tupelo Press

Michael Chitwood was born in the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge in a small town named Rocky Mount. He grew up there, attending the county’s only high school. He attended Emory and Henry College for my undergraduate degree, earning a BA in English in 1980. He worked as a science writer for a number of years at the University of Virginia Medical Center, eventually becoming assistant editor of the magazine Helix. While there, he also became a full-time student in the MFA program, receiving his degree in 1986. He moved to North Carolina that year and worked as a science and medical writer at Duke University Medical Center and then at Research Triangle Institute where he edited the magazine Hypotenuse. After the birth of his son, he became a free-lance writer and full-time Dad. And he became a commentator for the Chapel Hill affiliate of National Public Radio. He also began teaching at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is now a full-time visiting lecturer at UNC and lives with his wife and two children on the street with the most absolutely ridiculous name in the state of North Carolina—Tallyho Trail.

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Books by Michael Chitwood: Spill, From Whence, Gospel Road Going, The Weave Room , Hitting Below the Bible Belt: Baptist Voodoo, Blood Kin, Grandma's Teeth and Other Stories from the South , Whet, Salt Works,

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About Spill:

"Spill is a profoundly moving, clear seeing, utterly accomplished song of praise for the world in all its mutable and evanescent glory. . . . Spill is a beautiful book, heart breaking, funny, keenly observed—more evidence for those who need it that Michael Chitwood is one of America's finest poets."
—Alan Shapiro

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