Today's poem is "Memo from Homeland Security"

from The Journal

Steven Cramer's Goodbye to the Orchard won the New England poety Club's Sheila Motton Award and was named a 2005 Massachusetts Honor Book. He directs Lesley University's low-residency MFA creative writing program.

All the poems by Steven Cramer that have appeared on Verse Daily:
February 11, 2007:   "Children" "We pray they'll bury us, naturally...."

Books by Steven Cramer: Goodbye to the Orchard, Dialogue for the Left and the Right Hand, The World Book, Eye That Desires to Look Upward

Other poems on the web by Steven Cramer:
"A Basket of Eggs"
Four poems
"Sketches at the Hayden Rec Center"
"Goodbye to the Orchard"
"A Brief History of the Enclosure Movement"
"Mother Conjuring in Hondo, Texas: 1945"
"Freud's Desk, Vienna, 1938"
"Homage to C.P. Cavafy"
"Letter from Boston to Ira Sadoff"
"Aix-En-Provence: April, 1975"

About The Journal:

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January 9, 2007:   "Memo from Homeland Security" by Betsy Wheeler
January 5, 2007:   "Temptation to Believe" by Andrea Cohen
January 4, 2007:   "A Guess Is Spiritual Then, & Will Try to Help You" by John Gallaher
January 2, 2007:   "Easter, Looking Westward" by Kimberly Johnson
March 17, 2004:  "What's Shorting Out the Good Show" by Martha W. Ostheimer
March 15, 2004:  "Red and Black Days" by Robin Behn

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