Today's poem is "If You Should Care For Me"

from Colorado Review

Lacy Schutz is the Archivist at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA. She lives in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont with her husband, Ian Bickford.

All the poems by Lacy Schutz that have appeared on Verse Daily:
October 29, 2007:   "Would That We Had" " Oh, would that we had walked the sun's beams as..."
June 26, 2006:   "She Flew From Him" " She flew away, a nightingale near choked..."

Other poems on the web by Lacy Schutz:
"To Be Here, Honey"
"All is Not Well"

About Colorado Review:
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All other poems from Colorado Review that have appeared on Verse Daily:
October 29, 2007:   "Would That We Had" by Lacy Schutz

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