Today's poem is "Dream Fox"

from Tar River Poetry

Jack Roberts's poetry has appeared in various magazines, including Sites and Boulevard. His poem "The New Reforms" was selected for The Best American Poetry 1991 by Mark Strand. He lives in New York State.

About Tar River Poetry:
Poets in this issue: Claudia Emerson, Michael White, Jeffrey Franklin, Leslie Norris, Rebecca McClanahan, James Brasfield, Cindy Hunter Morgan, Thomas Reiter, Chris Dombrowski, Richard Cecil, Don Welch, Roger Mitchell, J. T. Ledbetter, Louis Simpson, Peter Makuck, J. Stephen Rhodes, Marsha Truman Cooper, Richard Newman, Emily Smith, Jan LaPerie, Janice Moore Fuller, Howard Nelson, Jack Roberts, Carri Hendricks, Cody Lumpkin, Tim Peeler, Ronald Wallace, Susan Allen Ford, Phebe Davidson, Mike W. Blottenberger, Mary Hutchins Harris, M. J. Iuppa

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Tar River Poetry * Department of English * General Classroom Building * East Carolina University * Greenville NC 27858-4353
Editor: Peter Makuck

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