Today's poem is "Zip_________"

from Redivider

Chad Reynolds's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Swink, RealPoetik, Washington Square, Meridian, Puerto del Sol, and elsewhere. "Zip_________" comes from his manuscript Lines. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, with his wife.

About Redivider:
Poets in this issue: Beth Woodcome, Chad Reynolds, David Shumate, Kim Garcia, Daniel Boehl, Constantine P. Cavafy, Constantine Contogenis, Christine DeSimone, Jill McDonough, Doug Ramspeck, Peter Jay Shippy, Colby Cedar Smith, Moira Egan, Jennifer Prince, Ange Mlinko, A. Van Jordan

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Redivider * Attn: Subscriptions * Department of Writing, Literature, and Publishing * Emerson College * 120 Boylston Street * Boston, MA 02116
Poetry Editor: Cam Terwilliger

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