Today's poem is "Temptation to Believe"

from The Journal

Andrea Cohen is the author of The Cartographer's Vacation. Her work has appeared recently in The Threepenny Review, Fulcrum and Salamander.

About The Journal:
Poets in this issue: Catherine Wing, Cynthia Hogue, Seth Abramson, Renee Reighart, Betsy Wheeler, Melissa Stein, Philip White, Bryan Narendorf, Sarah Barber, Andrea Cohen, Jason Lee Brown, Nance Van Winckel, Mary Ann Samyn, Steven Wingate, Thom Ward, David Parr, Eliot Khalil Wilson, Margot Schilpp, Lois Hirshkowitz, Denise Duhamel, Charles Jensen, Sydney Lea, Brian Swann, John Gallaher, Kimberly Johnson, George Looney, Marc McKee, Jean Giovanetti, Mark Svenvold, Melissa Yancy, Kyle Minor, Michael White, Scott Hightower

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The Journal * Department of English * The Ohio State University * 164 West 17th Avenue * Columbus, Ohio 43210
Poetry Editor: Kathy Fagan

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