Today's poem is "The Perfect Future"

from Tar River Poetry

Damian Fallon is a recent graduate of NYU's Creative Writing Program.

About Tar River Poetry:
Poets in this issue: Laurence G. Avery, Al Basile, Bruce Bennett, Bill Brown, Christopher Buckley, Laurie Capps, Michael Colonnese, Lucille Lang Day, Thomas Dukes, Arlene Eager, Damion Fallon, Irene Harvley-Felder, Sarah Freligh, Brooke Horvath, Steven Huff, M.J. Iuppa, Ymitri Jayasundera, Lynne Knight, Al Maginnes, Jerry D. Mathes II, Philip Memmer, Robert Morgan, Elisabeth Murawski, Diedre Nellen, Linda Pastan, Dannye Romine Powell, Jacqueline Ritterbusch, Steven Rood, Nora Hutton Shepard, Richard Simpson, James Malone Smith, Julie Suk, Georgia Tiffany, Jay Udall, Heather D. Yanda

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Tar River Poetry * Department of English * General Classroom Building * East Carolina University * Greenville NC 27858-4353
Editor: Peter Makuck

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