Today's poem is "West Agate"

from The Laurel Review

Donald Revell is the author of nine collections of poetry, most recently of Pennyweight Windows,: New and Selected Poems (Alice James Books, 2005). He teaches at the University of Utah.

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About The Laurel Review:
Poets in this issue: Christopher Arigo, Angela Ball, Jeffrey Bean, Agatha Beins, Sarah Blackman, Michelle Boisseau, Jaswinder Bolina, Wayne Dodd, Sharon Dolin, Allen C. Fischer, Albert Goldbarth, James Grabill, Dan Kaplan, Claudia Keelan, Stephanie King, Cynthia Lowen, Jon Luthro, Erin Malone, Nils Michals, Amy Newman, Simon Perchik, Donald Revell, Martha Ronk, Mary Ann Samyn, Katherine Soniat, Nance Van Winckel, G.C. Waldrep, Amanda Rachelle Warren, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Charles Wright

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Co-Editor: Rebecca Aronson, John Gallaher

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November 16, 2006:   "West Agate" by Donald Revell
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October 2, 2005:   "Dream: Obedience" Chris Forhan
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April 23, 2005:  "Carolina Déjá Vu" Brendan Galvin
April 22, 2005:  "The Art of Sleeping #9 " by Roy Seeger

April 20, 2005:  "Grenade" by Rebecca Hoogs
April 19, 2005:  "Answering Fear as if It Were a Question" by Jennifer Militello
August 20, 2004:  "Flood" by Cassie Sparkman
March 25, 2004:  "Honeymoon" by Rebecca Hoogs

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