Today's poem is "Nasty Girls"

from The American Poetry Journal

D.O. Moore is a poet and translator living in Hyattsville, Maryland and has had poetry appear in a variety of publications, such as The Literary Review, Fugue, Confrontation, Barrow Street, and Elixir. Moore’s translations have appeared in Mid-American Review and TriQuarterly.

About The American Poetry Journal:
Poets in this issue: Stuart Bartow, Ronda Broatch, Debra Bruce, Jacob Burd, Linda Hillman Chayes, Nancy Christy-Moore, Heather Dobbins, M. Frost, Kelle Groom, Gayle Ellen Harvey, Joseph Heithaus, Anne McGrath Hochberg, Tom C. Hunley, Sari Krosinsky, Greg McBride, D.O. Moore, Brianna Noll, Rebecca Patrascu, F. D. Reeve, Lauren Rusk, Steven D. Schroeder, Lori Sudeck, Sara Talpos, Susan Varnot, Joseph Voth, Grace Wilentz

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The American Poetry Journal * PO Box 2080 * Aptos, CA 95001-2080
Editor: J.P. Dancing Bear

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