Today's poem is "Failed Ambush Against Flamingoes"
from Pyx

Penguin Books

Corrine Lee's poems have appeared in publications ranging from the Beloit Poetry Journal to Fine Madness. Ms. Lee has been a multiple nominee for the Pushcart Prize. She was educated at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Radcliffe Publishing Institute. Winnow Press, her publishing company, specializes in emerging poets and fiction writers. Ms. Lee lives in central Texas with her husband and young children.

Other poems by Corrine Lee in Verse Daily:
October 25, 2005:   "Lysistrata Motley" Corinne Lee

About PYX:

"Reading PYX, I remember the urgings of one of Merrill's spirits from Changing Light at Sandhover, who entreats his audience to use, use, use their bodies and their minds. Corinne Lee has made a book that evidences new forms drawn from a life being lived at the far edge of what a mind and a body might hold. Her poems are as deeply celebratory as they are grief-struck, and her diction is luscious, crowded and spare, smart and bare as the line warrants. The result is a collection that approaches and surprises and deepens on absolutely contemporary terms, wonderfully able to face and sing what was, is, and might be. These poems to be held and carried by."
—Kathleen Pierce

"One of the major strengths of the poetry in PYX by Corinne Lee is its original and engaging music. This music is consistent, finely crafted with intention and with perfect melding of subject and theme . . . As with any strong, self-confident music, the music ringing through PYX has the ability to entice its audience, to draw its audience into itself, and by so doing, offer new experiences of the subjects her poems address."
—Pattiann Rogers

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