Today's poem is "Another Story with a Burning Yarn in It"
from Guess Can Gallop

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Heidi Lynn Staples's poetry and reviews have appeared in Best American Poetry 2004, Castagraf, Denver Quarterly, Electronic Poetry Review, HOW2, La Petite Zine, LIT, 3rd bed, Skein, Slope, Tarpaulin Sky, The Georgia Review, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Verse and elsewhere. A founding and acting editor of the literary magazine Parakeet, she has served as an assistant editor on Salt Hill and Verse, and worked as an editorial assistant at The Georgia Review. She is a part-time faculty member at Syracuse University.

About Guess Can Gallop:

"Heidi Lynn Staples is our Demosthenes: when she carries pebbles in her mouth, her words turn from stone to life. But we are delighted to keep the stone, too. Here’s how she does it: by comfortably embracing the wrong answers—‘She was a word unto myself’; ‘her air flowed / down past her ask, . . . and that drove him Why old?’; ‘The Hose that Jake Belt’; ‘coming up for err.’ We are constantly surprised. Please read this fine orator, whose poems include the world’s battiest job application, a melodious ghazal, pastiches on a nursery rhyme and on Plath, and a sonnet novel."
—Caroline Knox

"Clinamen? Sinner man? Cinnamon? In her relentless pursuit of swerving meaning, Heidi Lynn Staples reinvents poetry word for word. Guess Can Gallop is a delight for ear and eye."
—Charles Bernstein

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