Today's poem is "Dear Birds"

from jubilat

Mark Yakich is an assistant professor of English at Central Michigan University.

Other poems by Mark Yakich in Verse Daily:
January 21, 2003:  "The Teller is the Only Survivor of the Fairy-Tale Ending" "On the eve of never departing at least there are no bags..."

Other poems from jubilat in Verse Daily:
August 1, 2004:  "Eclogue IV" by Andrea Zanzotto, translated by Wayne Chambliss
November 10, 2003:  "Poem" by James Shea
November 8, 2003:  "Catullus #2" by Gaius Valerius Catullus, translated by Rick Snyder
November 7, 2003:  "Fetus in Orbit" by L. S. Klatt
November 5, 2003:  "[ Worry-Worn: God ]" by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Christina Davis
February 16, 2003:  "White Anklets" by Shauna Hannibal
February 14, 2003:  "Each Thing Charged" by Ben Doyle
July 19, 2002:  "Late Gallop" by Eugen Jebeleanu
July 3, 2002:  "Not Here" by Richard Jackson

About jubilat:
Poets in this issue: François Rabelais, Donald M. Frame, Timothy Donnelly, Kelly Smith, Grant Ballard & Viola Toniolo, Michael Earl Craig, Malinda Markham, Sandra Miller, John Ashbery, Aase Berg, Johannes Göransson, Mark Yakich, Rebecca Wolff, Peter Boyle, Yakov Druskin, Eugene Ostashevsky, Chuck Stebelton, Pliny the Elder, W. H. S. Jones, Mark Levine, Sarah Fox, Anna Potter, Ted Mathys, Nathalie Stephens, Peter Richards, Mike Dockins, Carlos Edmundo de Ory, Steven J. Stewart, Elizabeth Marie Young, Daniel Nester

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