Today's poem is "A Sonnet — Against Regret"

from Carquinez Poetry Review

Zack Rogow coordinates the Lunch Poems Reading Series at U. C. Berkeley and teaches writing at the Calfornia College of Arts & Crafts. His fifth book of poems was published in 2002 by Pudding House, and he is the editor of an anthology of American Poetry forthcoming this year from University of California Press.

About Carquinez Poetry Review:
Poets in this issue: David Alpaugh, Claire J. Baker, Linda Bamber, Jacqueline Bardsley, Ila F. Berry, Rose Black, Ruth Blakeney, Sandra Bozarth, Dorothy Howe Brooks, Jay Carson, Robert Chapla, Lenice Cicchini, Maureen Micus Crisick, Rachel Dacus, Ruth Daigon, Rafaella Del Bourgo, Sharon Doubiago, Robert Eastwood, Gayle Eleanor, Joel Fallon, Priscilla Frake, Joan Garcia, D. R. Goodman, Grace Marie Grafton, M. S. Greenberg, Diane Halsted, Maryanne Hannan, Margaret Hitchcock, Marc Elihu Hofstadter, Jamie Irons, Lynne Knight, William Landis, Ronna Leon, Tom Lombardo, C. O. McCauley, Robert Aquinas McNally, Miles David Moore, Maggie Morley, Stan Morner, Joddy Murray, Les Murray, Leonard Nathan, Tim Nuveen, Shawn Pittard, John Pray, Sally Ridgway Proler, Andrea Quaid, F. D. Reeve, Monica Reller, Zack Rogow, Eliot Schain, Juan R. Sequeira, Sherry Sheehan, Robert M. Shelby, Anne Silver, J. Mel Smith, Celia Stuart-Powles, Constance Studer, Susan Terris, Jeanne Wagner, John Waldman, Katie McAllaster Weaver, Paul Willis

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