Today's poem is "At Dawn Take Highway One South Out of Town"
from The Several World
The Kent State University Press

Will Toedtman is a student at the University of Cincinnati and has a B.A. in English.

About The Several World:

"Will Toedtman approaches all his subjects—from street football to Orpheus—with nothing less than full attention. His voice is distinctive, and it clearly has something to say. A steady gaze, subtle pacing, and an ear for the rhythms of both speech and tradition shape these thoughtful poems. In The Several World insight and craft come together in a seamless working whole."
—Don Bogen

"In The Several World, Will Toedtman writes with precise and brilliant lyricism of a dark world lit by human endeavor pushing against the darkness. It is a worldview that becomes, in 'Driving Home,' an ars poetica. As the speaker drives through the night he watches the line of the highway extend before him: 'I goad / Them into darkness always just / Beyond itself.' The 'gleam of trust' respresented by his headlights 'Flickers more the more I try yet stays, / Blackening the dark it keeps at bay.' The Several World is as fine a debut book as I have read in years."
—Andrew Hudgins

"Already in his first book Will Toedtman proves he is an accomplished formal poet and a maker of memorable language. But the glory of this work is that these qualities are not ends in themselves but means for the expression of a sensibility of high intelligence and great feeling. This is a beautiful and valuable book."
—Jim Cummins

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