Today's poem is "Battering Robin Syndrome"
from And We The Creatures
edited by C. J. Sage

Dream Horse Press

Tina Kelley is a late-night reporter for the Metro section of the New York Times. Her first book, The Gospel of Galore, is due out in the fall of 2002 from Word Press. Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and journals including The Beloit Poetry Journal, Poetry Northwest, and Prairie Schooner.

About And We The Creatures:

"This collection is unlike anything that has ever before been published. A body of excellent poems by renowned and emerging American authors for animal rights and appreciation, it is not only the first of its kind but comprises the very best poetry on the topic. Beginning with Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn's "The Animals of America," which imagines how animals view their human relations, and ending with the editor's dedication poem "For the Animal Rights Activists," the anthology moves gently from a concern for the welfare of traditional family pets—something to which most everyone can assent—through the situations of animals for food, clothing, hobby, beauty, science, labor, and the myriad industries of human profit—aspects of the topic which many of us might never have seriously considered—and finally to the celebration of non-human animals and the human animals who work for their safety and kind treatment. And We The Creatures is a book that everyone should read."

"It is rare to find a collection of poems devoted to animals, so it gives me pleasure to be able to recommend this anthology featuring the work of well-known contemporary poets. It is a delight."
—Sir Paul McCartney

Contributors: Austin Alexis, David Baker, Will M. Baker, Ellen Bass, Randy Blasing, William Borden, Grace Butcher, Scott Cairns, Ashley Capps, Robert M. Chute, Tom Crawford, Deborah Cummins, J. P. Dancing Bear, Gregory Djanikian, Joseph Duemer, Stephen Dunn, Karl Elder, Sally Fisher, Lisa Fishman, Stuart Friebert, Dan Gerber, Jason Gray, Bob Hicok, Jane Hirshfield, Amy Holman, Tina Kelley, John Kennedy, Ted Kooser, Richard Levine, Sarah Lindsay, Edward C. Lynskey, Wesley McNair, Jane Mead, Alyce Miller, Robert S. Pesich, Kenneth Pobo, Lawrence Raab, Carl Rakosi, David Roderick, C. J. Sage, Gary Short, Thomas R. Smith, Gabriel Spera, Hannah Stein, Ira Sukrungruang, Arthur Sze, Diane Thiel, Chase Twichell, David Wagoner, Charles Harper Webb, & Alice Ahrens Williams

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