Today's poem is "Childless"
from Embers

Red Hen Press

Terry Wolverton is the author of Bailey’s Beads, a novel and the poery collections Mystery Bruise and Black Slip. Her fiction, poetry, essays and drama have been published in periodicals internationally, including Glimmer Train Stories, Zyzzyva, Many Mountains Moving, and The Jacaranda Review, and widely anthologized. She is currently working on a memoir, Insurgent Muse, for City Lights Books, and a novel-in-poems, Embers. She has also edited twelve literary anthologies, including His: brilliant new fiction by gay men and Hers: brilliant new fiction by lesbians, volumes 1, 2, and 3, and the upcoming Lesbian Fiction At the Millennium and Gay Fiction At the Millennium.

About Embers:

"Embers is at once dense and delicious, crammed with sorrow and drama, a marvelous American tale, a haunting work of art. The pure craft of the thing is fascinating and daunting. This is certainly Wolverton's masterpiece— the poem, the novel, she was put on earth to write."
—Carolyn See, author, Making a Literary Life

"In voice-rich, era-evoking poetry, this autobiographical "novel-in-poems" spans a century in the life of one broken, fierce, incendiary family. A mosaic of thwarted dreams and tangled loyalties, Embers is nevertheless always awake to the twin redemptive potentials of grief and recognition. Wolverton unerringly captures the moment when events stamp a character in such a way that decides the course not only of his or her own life, but all the lives they in turn create, resolving in the poet's own. Beginning with Huron tribal mythology and ranging through Detroit's salt-city frontier days and, in a particularly stunning suite of poems, its more recent and no less violent urban history, Embers creates an unforgettable portrait of a century, and a city, and a family struggling toward wholeness."
—Janet Fitch, author, White Oleander

"As a Novel, the poems of Embers tell many stories woven of fact and fiction, challenging all possible "master narratives". Native (Huron) history, working class tribulations, the Detroit riots, several generations' family trauma all combine to make Wolverton's embers glow with a driving passion. Above all, this books is a commitment to the beauties and scintillating particulars of a generous language. This is a tremendous weave of site and humanity."
—Anne Waldman

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