Today's poem is "The Silence of the Tortoise"
from Treason

Zoo Press

Terese Svoboda graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BFA in fine arts and creative writing, and Columbia University with an MFA in poetry. After traveling around the world working in visual anthropology, she worked as a producer on a five-part film series at Columbia's Translation Center and then a thirteen-part series for PBS on American poetry. Author of seven books of poetry, translation and fiction, her work has appeared in such magazines as Paris Review, the New Yorker, APR, Vogue, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's and the Wall St. Journal. Her poetry videos have been exhibited at such venues as the Museum of Modern Art and PBS worldwide. She has taught at Sarah Lawrence College, The New School, University of Hawaii, Williams College, San Francisco State College and the College of William and Mary.

About Treason:

"A break at the place of connection....'In a moment of bridge, / that blue yawns wide...' cool, wry surface: depth charge of cry, of outrage—language at the edge of utterance, utterly original, black-bordered, indelible as we are not. If dolphins, says Svoboda, 'look like sharks, / imagine what we resemble.' And she does."
—Eleanor Wilner

Praise for Terese Svoboda's Poetry and Prose:

"For readers who prefer the chill of a dry martini."
Library Journal

"Terese Svoboda's new book — a novella and 16 very short stories — has the surreal poetry of a nightmare. . . Svoboda has written a book of genuine grace and beauty."
New York Times Book Review

"A poet of unusual range and intelligence, Svoboda's ambition is impressive."

"A harrowing first novel. . . A woman's Heart of Darkness. . . An obsessive monologue told in a measured whisper, desperate, chilling, seductive."

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