Today's poem is "Nestling Robins"

from Four Corners

Ted Kooser is a retired life insurance company executive who lives in rural Nebraska. His most recent book of poems is a collaboration with Jim Harrison, entitled Braided Creek, published by Copper Canyon Press. Mr. Kooser is the latest Poet Laureate of the United States.

Other poems by Ted Kooser in Verse Daily:
May 25, 2004:  "Student"   "The green shell of his backpack makes him lean..."
May 10, 2004:  "Walking on Tiptoe"   "Long ago we quit lifting our heels..."
April 20, 2003:  "While my bowl is still half full..."with Jim Harrison   "you can eat out of it too..."
July 29, 2002:  "Coyotes"   "My pup steps to the edge / of the light..."

About Four Corners:
Poets in this issue: Christine Anderes, Sally Ashton, Nancy Bailey-Miller, Sarah Busse, Leslie Clark, Peter Davis, Mary Donnelly, Denise Duhamel, Len Edgerly, Noah Hoffenberg, Andrew Hughes, Ted Kooser, David Levi, Mekeel McBride, Marcia Mead-Lebre, Michael Schiavo, Charles Simic, Leah Souffrant, Virgil Suarez, Addie Tsai

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