Today's poem is "Even So"

from New Orleans Review

Susanne Kort is a psychotherapist in practice in Jalisco, Mexico. Her work has appeared recently in North American Review, Grand Street, The Journal, The Indiana Review, Norte Dame Review, Green Mountains Review, and Prairie Schooner. She has just completed a book of poems entitled Yang.

About New Orleans Review:
Poets in this issue: Tess Gallagher, Katie Peterson, Simon Perchik, R. Dean Johnson, Marthe Reed, Jeffrey Levine, Daniel Tobin, Rita Banerji, Patricia Murphy, Moira Linehan, John Kinsella, Hailey Leithauser, Rachel Zucker, Susanne Kort, Ptricia Suarez, Andrew Miller, Matt Vadnais, Barbara ROberds, Erika Howsare, Brigitte Byrd, Laurie Blauner, Todd Balazic, Joshua Wilkinson, Carlos Edmundo de Ory, Robert King, Michael Murray, Allison Eir Jenks, Tara Bray, Jeff Hoffman, Guy R. Beining, Michael Demos, Andrew Richmond, RIch Ives, J. P. Dancing Bear, Stephen Knauth, Audrey Gritsman, Michael Heffernan

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