Today's poem is "Keep and Give Away"

from The Southern Review

Susan Meyers has lately had her poems in Tar River Poetry, Southern Poetry Review, and Crucible, and on the Verse Daily website.

About The Southern Review:
Poets in this issue: Priscilla Atkins, Fleda Brown, Paula Closson Buck, Morri Creech, Sally Dawidoff, Greg Delanty, Theodore Deppe, Mark Dow, Robert Gibb, Lola Haskins, Patricia Hooper, Jessica Hornik, Betty Lies, Catherine McLaughlin, David Meischen, Susan Meyers, Carolyn Miller, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Alison Pelegrin, Donald Platt, Len Roberts, Elizabeth Harris Sagaser, Floyd Skloot, Katherine Soniat, Barry Sternlieb, Baron Wormser

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