Today's poem is "Contraries"

from Tar River Poetry

Susan Meyers has recently been published in Southern Poetry Review, The Southern Review, and Icarus International. She lives in Sumerville, SC.

Other poems by Susan Meyers in Verse Daily:
September 22, 2004:  "Keep and Give Away"   "With a bushel basket in hand..."
August 19, 2003:  "Neither the Season, nor the Place"   "Some mornings I mutter down the hallway..."

About Tar River Poetry:
Poets in this issue: Robert Cording, Elisabeth Muraski, Karin Gottshall, Daniel Hefko, Roger Mitchell, Susan Meyers, Michael McFee, Maureen Shay, Priscilla Atkins, Martha Christina, Amy M. Clark, Cecile Gray, Robert Cooperman, David Galef, Richard Newman, William Wente, Leslie Norris, Judi K. Beach, R. S. Gwynn, J. P. White, Lance Larsen, Rustin Larson, Susan Cohen, Philip Memmer, John Bargowski, Tim McBride, Bruce Bennet.

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