Today's poem is "I Am Fishing for God"
from The Maine Poets

Down East Books

Stuart Kestenbaum is the author of two collections of verse, Pilgrimage and House of Thanksgiving, out this fall. He is the Director of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, a post he has held since 1988. He has been a resident of Maine since 1974.

About The Maine Poets:

"In the poems of this anthology, Wesley McNair finds strong indications of Maine's influence. One sign is the widespread reference to nature. Another, McNair says, is the unusual engagement with other people—an engagement common to the "small communities, towns, and workplaces" of the others. A third sign is the individuality of expression among the anthology's contributors, since living in their "far-flung locations," the poets represented here have "perhaps been better able to block their ears against other voices and to hear the cadences of their own truths." The end result is a unique poetic tradition, whose poems are sure to stimulate, enrich, and entertain."

Poets in The Maine Poets: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robert P. Tristram Coffin, Edna St. VIncent Millay, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Louise Bogan, May Sarton, Philip Booth, Theodore Enslin, Constance Hunting, RObert Chute, John Tagliabue, Leo Connellan, Richard Gillman, Richard Aldridge, Henry Braun, Kate Barnes, Paul Nelson, Thomas Carper, Martin Steingesser, William Carpenter, Kenneth Rosen, Wesley McNair, David Walker, Ira Sadoff, Betsy Sholl, Peter Harris, Baron Wormser, Richard Foerster, Mekeel McBride, Stuart Kestenbaum, Gary Lawless, Elizabeth Tibbetts, Robert Farnsworth, Carl Little, Edward Nobles, April Ossmann, Connie Voisine

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