Today's poem is "An Artist Like Any Other"
from The Greensboro Review

Stephen Dobyns has written more than thirty books. His new collection of poems, Mystery, So Long, will be published by Penguin in 2005.

About The Greensboro Review:
Poets in this issue: Victoria Anderson, Allen C. Fischer, Eric Johnson, Sebastian Matthews, Travis Wayne Denton, Stephen Dobyns, Claudia Grinnell, Valerie Bandura, Tom Christopher, David Blair, Daniel Tobin, Rob Schlegel, Dan Albergotti, Michael McFee, S. Beth Bishop, Matthew Guenette, Joanne Diaz

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The Greensboro Review * MFA Writing Program * Department of English * 134 McIver Building, UNCG * PO Box 26170 * Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Poetry Editor: Nina Riggs

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