Today's poem is "The English Language"
from Tar River Poetry

Sherry Olson's poetry has appeared in many magazines including Yankee, Tar River Poetry, and Organic Gardening. Her poems were included in both the 20th Anniversary Edition and the 25th Anniversary Edition of Tar River Poetry. One of her poems was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Sherry Olson's first collection of poetry, Breakfast at the Wayside, Boyer Publishing, appeared in August, 2000.

About Tar River Poetry:
Poets in this issue: Henry Taylor, Betty Adcock, Charles Wyatt, Dick Allen, Natasha Saje, Elizabeth Dodd, Bruce Bennett, Jennifer Ralph, Kathleen Halleron, Charlotte Matthews, Barbara Conrad, Ed Skoog, Wilmer Mills, James Harms, Debra Kang Dean, Elon G. Eidenier, Brendan Galvin, Lorrin Willis, Gerry LaFemina, Larry Woiwode, Thom Ward, Sherry Olson, Al Maginnes, Lance Larsen, Robert Cording, Richard Simpson, Floyd Skloot, Deborah Cummins, Brooke Horvath, Louis Simpson, Beverly Burch, Susan Elizabeth Howe, Howard Nelson, Craig Challender, Ruth Moose, Kimberly Meyer, Laurence Lieberman, Thomas Reiter, Tim Hunt, Fred Chappell, John Bargowski, Bob Hicok, Jonathan Holden, Kurt Brown, Loren Graham, Charles Harper Webb, David Mason, Gray Jacobik, Steven Huff, Mark DeFoe, Bryan Walpert, Susan Cohen, Jeffrey Harrison

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Tar River Poetry * Department of English * General Classroom Building * East Carolina University * Greenville NC 27858-4353
Editor: Peter Makuck

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