Today's poem is "White Anklets"
from jubilat

Shauna Hannibal has work appearing in 88 and Spinning Jenny.

About jubilat:
Poets in this issue: Ko Un, David McCann, Terrance Hayes, Kira Henehan, Charles Simic, Ed Pavlic, Michael Burkard, Keith Driver, Lisa Beskin, Ben Doyle, Shauna Hannibal, Kari Redfield, Tristan Tzara, Nick Moudry, Jane Miller, Jason Zuzga, Darcie Dennigan, Noah Eli Gordon, Renee Gladman, Rafael Pérez Estrada, Louis Jenkins, Joshua Beckman

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jubilat * Bartlett 482 * Dept. of English * University of Massachusetts * Amherst, MA 01003-0515
Editor: Bret Lott, Paul Allen, Carol Ann Davis

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