Today's poem is "Academic Affairs"
from Just One of Those Things
The Kent State University Press

Sarah Perrier is a University Distinguished Graduate Fellow at the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have previously appeared in the publications the River Oak Review, The Cream City Review, Cimmaron Review, and So to Speak.

About Just One of Those Things:

"Like Cole Porter, Sarah Perrier turns a world-weary and tender gaze toward the unruly carnival we call love. Perrier shrugs off the post-modern shrug. In these elegant, wise-cracking, and subversive poems, the inherent estrangement, deception, and screwball comedy of romance is revealed and savored. With the smarts and prescience of Lear's fool, with the mischief of both Ariel and Caliban, she gene-splices the comic into the tragic, the tragic into the comic, to make a new and radiantly original poetry."
—Eric Pankey

"The poems of Sarah Perrier's Just One of Those Things surprise again and again without resorting to the merely novel or shocking. These remarkable poems question the conventions of the love lyric as they explore the conventions and customs of twenty-first century courtship. With canny intelligence, acute emotional articulateness, and a sense of humor that ranges from biting irony to forgiving—or at least—resigned bemusement, Just One of Those Things is an unforgettable collection of poems in an unforgettable new voice, a voice as controlled as a Cole Porter lyric and as devastatingly self-aware as a Berryman Dream Song."
—Jennifer Atkinson

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