Today's poem is "The Meadow"
from Delicate Bait

The University of Akron Press

Roger Mitchell is the author of seven previous works of poetry and a work of nonfiction. His work has received several awards plus two fellowships each from the Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. His work has appeared in more than thirty anthologies. He taught for many years in the English department at Indiana University-Bloomington.

About Delicate Bait:

"We want a book—be it a work of fiction or poetry—to remind us how varied and complex our experience of the world can be at times. And yet when we encounter such a book, we realize how rarely we come across one that fits that description and how astonishing it is when we do. Roger Mitchell’s Delicate Bait is such a book. Not many poets now writing have as wide a range as he does, both in terms of subject matter and form. His poems are rich in detail, masterly in execution, and always a good read. He is savvy about the way we Americans live and try to make sense of our lives in this moment in history."
—Charles Simic

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