Today's poem is [But if I had known what was to come]
from The Grand Unified Theory

Paladin Contemporaries

Robert E. Haynes lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He lived many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he managed NASA Ames Research Center's publishing, video, photography, and graphics department. He began his NASA career as a writer for the Teacher-in-Space program and has written Space Machines, How We Get Pictures From Space, Sentinels in the Sky and Threshold of Space, among others. In 1985 he founded and ran LSI, Inc, a small press and non-profit organization, publishing a literary journal, sponsoring contests, and conducting events in and around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Individual poems have appeared in such journals as New Letters, Poetry Northwest, Cimarron Review, Kentucky Poetry Review, and elsewhere.

About The Grand Unified Theory:

"Almost ten years ago, Bob Haynes heard The Word and dropped what he was doing. He decided to change his life, and ever since then he has been a disciple of Poetry. Those of us who are his friends have been waiting for his first book for a long time. The Grand Unified Theory is worth the wait. The book begins with a 'But' and ends with an 'out there,' and in-between that paratactical start and that indicative, gestural closure, the colloquial and the scientific, the spiritual and the profane latch on to each other and, remarkably, hold."
—Forrest Gander, Professor of English, Harvard University; author of Science and Steepleflower

"Bob Haynes is a poet of passion and dignity. In this first propitious book a lifetime of contemplation in-the-real gives voices to revelatory prayer and articulated silence:
                    and there
      in full frontal simplicity
      of a spiral, the terrifying
      collage of time-space, of God
      he sees...
The Grand Unified Theory is a book of great anticipation—and grace."
—John High, Author of Desire Notebooks and Bloodline: Selected Writings

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