Today's poem is "Whispers Late at Night"
from The Formalist

Robert Daseler's first collection of poems, Levering Avenue (Evansville, 1998), received the first annual Richard Wilbur Poetry Award. He works at the California State Library in Sacramento, and his plays, Dragon Lady and Alekhine's Defense, have been produced by the South Coast Repetory Theatre.

About The Formalist:
Poets in this issue: Dana Gioia, D.C. Stone, Willis Barnstone, Jorge Luis Borges, Deborah Warren, Alfred Nicol, Howard Nemerov, Vernon Scannell, Jane Friedman, Len Krisak, Horace, Dick Allen, Richard O'Connell, David Berman, Chelsea Rathburn, Austin MacRae, Robert Daseler, Roy Scheele, A.M. Juster, Timothy Murphy, Deborah Warren, Peggy O'Brien, Joseph S. Salemi, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Rob Griffith, Daniel J. Langton, Julie Kane, Alfred Nicol, Zachary Hudson, Edward Zuk, Nicholas Boileau, Furens Seneca, Dante Alighieri, Giovan Battista Marino, Rainer Maria Rilke, G.K. Chesterton, Richard Wakefield, Lewis Turco, David Berman, Roger Craik, Walter McDonald, Bill Hemminger, Deborah Warren, Alice Park, Charles Baudelaire, Jack Granath, William F. Bell

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