Today's poem is "Inheriting the Garden"
from Mixed States


Ren Powell's credits include two volumes of poetry, two poetry chapbooks and nine books of translations. Her plays and monologues have been performed in Los Angeles, British Columbia and Norway. Her performance poem "Dark. Like Snow" was performed by Thad Rutkowski at the New York City Museum, September 2002 as a part of Big City Lit’s By Degree 365: Year One of 9/11. Ren Powell's poetry has been translated into four languages.

About Mixed States:

"There is an intoxicating blend of lyricism and narrative in Ren Powell’s poems. With honesty and exhilarating invention, she writes of diverse subjects — a Palestinian poet, the flowering shroud of a spinster, a murdered 17-year old Mexican girl. What unifies these poems is intense energy and fierce craftsmanship. At the heart of this collection is 'Red-Eared Slider'. Both accessible and elusive, sophisticated and scandalous, this poem returns to the speaker’s childhood to contemplate the violent death of her brother. Reading Ren Powell’s poetry is like watching the changing light on the North Sea: the surface effects are stunning, the depths always in motion."
—Theodore Deppe

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