Today's poem is "Remnants"
from On Every Stone

Pedlar Press

Rachel Vigier is the author of Gestures of Genius: Women, Dance, and the Body (The Mercury Press, 1994). She was raised on a farm in Manitoba and now lives with her family in New York City. On Every Stone is her first collection of poems.

About On Every Stone:

"Rachel Vigier's poems are markers of loss, each word a small memorial for the disappeared. These are strong, honest poems, fiercely charged and fiercely earned."
—Helen Humphreys

"Like a dancer holding her voluptuous energy in abeyance for a brilliantly still moment, Rachel Vigier drives each of her poems to a cliff of discovery. It is a measure of Vigier's gift that each poem courts this breathtaking edge, a place where we are still grounded, but could vanish at any moment. This very vanishing is the subject of On Every Stone, a book for everyone for whom a beloved person seems to have disappeared into thin air. In fact, Vigier's sister did disappear, and these poems portray the process of urgent seeking and remembering that a person left behind undergoes. But this is not a process of overturning every stone, or even searching under every stone. It is as if these remarkable poems — spare, clear and wise — are written on stone. Each speaks with elegant economy, evoking the ties of sisters, but also of the Canadian prairies, and of a shadow bond that ripples through an extended family, even to the next generation of childhood sisters. Biography is not really the talented Vigier's task, though: it is understanding itself, evoking in images what was at once evanescent but also startlingly solid and real. This is the task of poetry itself, and Vigier proves it."
—Molly Peacock

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