Today's poem is "Retreat"
from The Formalist

Rachel Hadas is the Board of Governors Professor of English at the Newark campus of Rutgers University and the author of over a dozen books of poetry, essays, and translations. Forthcoming in 2004: her new collection of poems, Laws (Zoo Press).

About The Formalist:
Poets in this issue: Rachel Hadas, Gail White, Seamus Heaney, Jean Hollander, Rhina Espaillat, George R. Adams, David Berman, Jared Carter, Gretchen Fletcher, Allison Joseph, A. M. Juster, Alfred Nicol, Marion Shore, A. E. Stallings, David Stephenson, Catullus/Willis Barnstone, J. Bottum, Luis Miguel Aguilar/Kathleen Snodgrass, Carol Frith, Lionel Willis, Laurence Goldstein, J. D. Smith, Margaret Menamin, Marion Montgomery, Seneca, Victor Hugo, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Valery, Patricia Farewell, Ruth Holzer, Jon Mooallem, Hollie Trevathan, Richard Wakefield, Jasmine Lamb, Mike Carson, Arthur Rimbaud/Joshua Mehigan, Deborah Warren, Henry W. Longfellow, Juliana Gray, Robert W. Crawford, Michael Cantor, Elisabeth Meyer, Richard Lewis, Rainer Maria Rilke/Terese Coe, William F. Bell, Timothy Murphy, John Ridland, John Pidgeon, Ed Rossmann, Michael Klein, Joseph Saling, Ellen H. Bloedel, Elain Tise, Michael R. Battram

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