Today's poem is "The Song of the House"
from Changes of Address: Poems 1980-1998

Bloodaxe Books

Philip Gross is a poet, novelist and playwright, and lives in Bristol. Changes of Address draws on previous collections including The Ice Factory, Cat's Whisker, The Son of the Duke of Nowhere, I.D. and The Wasting Game. He has published poetry for young people, including Manifold Manor, The All Nite Cafe (winner of the Signle Award) and Scratch City (Faber).

About Changes of Address:

"Philip Gross knows how to make silence and suggestion resonate. . . he touches an alien, intractable dimension. . . Gross's poems are about lost bearings and blurred frontiers. . . a landscape bereft of assured relationships, haunted by the just-missedness of human contact."
—Terry Eagleton, Independent on Sunday

"The harrowing and beautiful poems in which a father witnesses his daughter's near-fatal struggle with anorexia. . . These are elegies for the living, piercing in their clarity and depth of feeling."
—Helen Dunmore, on The Wasting Game

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