Today's poem is "The Heart"
from From the Meadow

University of Pittsburgh Press

Peter Everwine is the author of seven collections of poetry, including Collecting the Animals, which won the Lamont Poetry Prize (now the James Laughlin Award). He retired from California State University, Fresno, in 1992.

About From the Meadow:

"There is something shining and pure—a radiant clarity, a luminous stillness—at the heart of Peter Everwine's beautiful, mysterious, and necessary work."
—Edward Hirsch

"Peter Everwine's lyrics and translations—for they all seem part of a single voice—haunt me with their clear, crisp, unsentimental, heartbreaking lines. . . . Unassuming, hard and unswerving as fate itself."
—Paul Mariani

"There is a profound humility in Everwine's poems, a tenderness for the least detail in the world, which his attention and care make luminous. Bone, leaf, panorama, or part of speech, Everwine works to identify in any particular how our lives—at least in the attention of the moment—might claim transcendence."
—Christopher Buckley

"What a radiant book—a lifetime of Peter Everwine's quiet, meditative poems, and his shining translations, made (or found) his own."
—Jean Valentine

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