Today's poem is "Darwin Enters the City of His Birth"

from River Styx

Melanie Dusseau recently completed an MFA in poetry at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, Passages North, Black Warrior Review, and The Southeast Review.

Other poems by Melanie Dusseau in Verse Daily:

July 11, 2003:  "Bestiary for the Breasts of a Starlet"   "Once, / tucked under an armpit, / it squealed...." About River Styx:
Poets in this issue: Liz Ahl, Michael Borich, Gaylord Brewer, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Richard Cecil, James Doyle, Stephen Dunn, Melanie Dusseau, Albert Goldbarth, Joseph Harrison, Ted Kooser, Gary Leising, Joanne Lowry, Bryan Penberthy, Greg Rappleye, Eric Rawson, Elizabeth Rees, Elaine Sexton, Jeanie Thompson

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