Today's poem is "Body in Late Meditation"
from Snow Effects

Small Poetry Press

Lynne Knight's first collection, Dissolving Borders, won a Quarterly Review of Literature prize in 1996. Her second collection, The Book of Common Betrayals, won the Dorothy Brunsman Award from Bear Star Press in 2002.

About Snow Effects:

"With genuine imaginative reach, a keen eye, and penetrating sensibilities, Lynne Knight enters 15 Impressionist winter-scapes and makes them her own, finding both beauty and insight along the way. Her explorations carry the authority of long contemplation—"the heart sees what it sees," as the poet writes, but only when both the inward and the outward eyes are open. Through fully open eyes, Knight finds for the reader's pleasure and instruction the way the heat of eros answers the cold of snow, the way the addition of black to the brush creates the winter's whiteness. Each poem expands and liberates its image in this beautifully crafted, thoughtful, and inventive book."
—Jane Hirshfield

"Beautifully crafted poems, stunningly produced. The whole radiates light. A breakthrough work by Lynne Knight and a new high for the Small Poetry Press Select Poet Series."
—Robert Sward

"Lynne Knight examines fifteen Impressionist paintings depicting the severest of French winters and responds with poems of grief, passion, love, and sexual longing so potent it penetrates the icy landscapes of the canvases. While the paintings investigate the nature of light, the poems evoke the boundlessness of the unseen, unspoken desire that lurks beneath the painters' brushstrokes and in our human hearts. Accompanied by the paintings that inspired them, these poems provide uncommon satisfactions."
—Andrea Hollander Budy

"Snow Effects accomplishes a delicious triangulation of paintings, poetry, and the world-at-large. Knight's loyalties to the artists' visions, the demands of language, and human life as it enacts its dramas are fierce and give a burning seriousness to her voice. She has indeed appropriated the Impressionists for her own purposes but remarkably not violated her sources, has rather renewed or extended them, even to the point of audaciously and convincingly imagining the histories of the people depicted in the French landscapes."
—Philip Dacey

"Lynne Knight's Snow Effects is the perfect marriage of poetry and art. The Impressionist paintings are reproduced with a fidelity that makes you feel both the beauty and the chill of winter. A poet of the first order, Knight fully honors the art. And Small Poetry Press has outdone itself—once again. In recent years, ekphrastic poetry has come to the attention of only the most aware. Lynne Knight and Snow Effects is the first fully satisfying example I've seen. Those who love poetry or fine paintings will more than double their sense of treasure owning this extraordinary book.
—Jennifer Bosveld

"I picked up Snow Effects on one of those 2 A. M. nights, intending to read a few poems, but hours later I was reading and reading, mesmerized by the dazzling freshness of Lynne Knight's eye and voice. It takes great courage to unite poetry to Impressionist masterpieces by Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro. Snow Effects belongs on every desk, in every classroom, in every library, in every museum where art and poetry reside."
—Ruth Daigon

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